We are currently living in an era which is consumed by social media – everyone everywhere seems to be constantly glued to a screen of various shapes and sizes.
While this can have a negative impact on our daily lives, not to mention our wellbeing, with 81% of millennials checking Twitter at least once a day and more than 20% of the world’s population on Facebook, being social media savvy can dramatically boost your business.
As Public Relations practitioners one of our key roles is to successfully promote our customers’ brand, informing their target audience about what they stand for and what they can offer. Although we highly value face-to-face contact and a more personal relationship between customers and their audiences, social media is a crucial instant platform for creating and sharing content and networking.
With applications such as Twitter, you can control your media audience, coverage and how regularly information is released. Thanks to modern technology and the widespread use of smartphones, once released, your tweets immediately reach readers and can have a significant impact on a company’s brand and reputation.
However, while setting up a social media account is easy enough, it is how you use this platform that matters. Social media may guarantee the promotion of your brand, but it doesn’t necessarily come with audience engagement. To take it further and effectively connect with your target audience, here’s a few simple steps:
1. Have a clear objective – know what you want to achieve with your posts and who you want to engage with!
2. Be concise – snappy posts engage audiences more. Convey key information in just a few lines. Twitter is great for this due to the character restrictions for tweets.
3. Use simple vocabulary – make your point as clearly as possible; remember not everyone will understand technical jargon.
4. Post regularly – this is vital to remain relevant. Dormant social media accounts create a poor business image while regular posts demonstrate your vitality as a business. Create a schedule to help with this.
5. Optimum times to post – think about when your audience will be online. Key times to capture your audience are often lunchtime or the evening commute.
6. Know your audience – it’s quality, not quantity with social media followers. Follow active accounts that are interested with your theme as a company. They will be more likely to follow back and contribute to your reputation.
7. Pictures – don’t be invisible, the proof is in the pudding!
8. Links – mentioning a product or another manufacturer? Hyperlink your audience to the relevant website or use their username to directly tag them. This optimises search engine results.
9. Tagging – Hash tagging key words that are relevant to your post also optimise search engine results. However, don’t overcrowd your post, it must still be clear.
10. Have a website and link to it regularly – tantalise customers with a social media post and signpost them to the detail on your website.

Ultimately, if used correctly, social media allows business owners instant networking opportunities and a direct form of targeted communication.
Don’t be on the wrong side of the digital divide; let us link you to your social media future. For more information contact Carmel Harrison PR at carmel@carmelharrisonpr.com or phone us on 01924 831114.

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