ROBOTICS is an everyday theme here a Carmel Harrison PR.
Focussing on Manufacturing, Construction and the IT sector we hear about robotic integration into industry and how they are creeping into different disciplines.
Now they are being trialled in news rooms as wordsmiths; with the belief that pre programmed bots can create content for news readers.
Improving manufacturing efficiency is one thing delivering creative, engaging content is another.
The digital era has spawned a generation of content creators with varying degrees of success. If you want to take a short cut to website content and boost your SEO rankings you would have no problem getting a blog written in the Far East incorporating your keyword phrases in the best places for Google. You could get it written, but would it resonate with your target audience?
Researchers at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich and the University of Zurich held a workshop with journalists from leading UK media including They programmed robots to write according to: “algorithmic processes that convert data into narrative news texts.” Journalists then reviewed the content with a dispassionate head. All agreed that the content lacked depth, creativity and complexity.
Writing for Manufacturing, Construction or IT media and websites demands an understanding that goes beyond any algorithms that a robot can be programmed to compute. Here at Carmel Harrison PR we make time to understand both our customers, their customers, their business needs and their subjects.
Not only do you need to be able to grasp the subject but you need to understand who your customers’ target audience is and how best to sell that to commissioning editors. That demands human skills of thought, understanding, creativity as well as a grasp of the English language in context.
Sadly, I can imagine that under pressure media managers are going to rely increasingly on robots to create content. News today in many of the most widely read print media is in short sharp bites lacking depth and analytical investigation. Readers often rely on headlines on digital news sites rarely looking beyond the first three paragraph.
Investigative journalism will become a sacrificial lamb at the altar of profitability as advertising revenues continue to slide and creativity is hacked to accommodate their continued inefficiencies.
Smart manufacturers understand there is no substitute for a well briefed and networked PR practitioner who looks beyond the words to position them in front of key decision makers for business growth.
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