PUBLIC relations has often struggled to establish itself in the business psyche. But with many companies now looking at their marketing spend maybe it is time Public Relations will have its own day in the spotlight.
Often confused with advertising and marketing it is neither. Those both rely on heavy budgets and while the business will be able to brag about a shiny ad in a glossy magazine they will also be facing a glassy bill.
Public Relations is all about compelling news stories that resonate with both editors and readers. There is no PR without a good story and good news editors will reject anything that is a thinly disguised advert.
Recently we’ve achieved some great coverage for our stable of customers in a range of trade and business media including the Financial Times, the BBC, regional business media and online trade publications. The common strand is that all have good news lines. That has given us the opportunity to create compelling stories that have been positioned in front of their target audiences.
And in many cases it has been the start of wider profile. A well written press release will be a good story that a professional news editor can investigate for further angles.
And the skill of a good PR is to keep the customer in the public eye with a series of different stories that keep readers hooked so they create brand awareness and recognition.
With continued exposure comes confidence leading to growing sales.
Meanwhile, businesses who have previously spent heavily on advertising are looking at smarter ways to raise their profile and grow their businesses. Only recently major household brands have announced they are cutting advertising spend and digital channels aren’t always popular. Many recognise that customers and consumers want detail rather than snippets and are looking at ways to get their story in front of their customer.
It is where Public Relations works.
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