GOING back to school with Primary Futures transported me back in time to the dining room of my childhood where I sat with my Petite Typewriter writing ‘news’ for my imaginary school magazine.

My parents’ Christmas gift fired my imagination and made me believe that I could be the journalist of my dreams.

Taking part in Primary Futures I hope I fired some young imaginations in the same way.

Primary Futures aims to encourage children to aim for the stars by matching them with business people who can illustrate the link between learning and career success.  It started in Barnsley in one of the most deprived areas of the UK and has so far helped countless children improve their life chances.

Ossett South Parade invited local businesses to go and talk to the children about our careers and what skills and attributes we needed to succeed.  They told us about their ambitions.   There were lots of would be actors, teachers and mechanics.   Not many journalists or brain scientists!

I was lucky having parents who encouraged me and helped me understand the value of our free education system; it meant that I become first a journalist and then a PR practitioner.  On the way I have experienced things many of my primary school contemporaries never have or will.

Everyone can take part in Primary Futures simply by signing up to volunteer.  Click here.

Hopefully, with the right encouragement and self-motivation the children from South Parade will do the same.

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