Anyone can simply count the number of likes or retweets received but what can these results tell us?
The benefits of social media are hard to measure, and many businesses remain unaware of their social media impact. Each business has a unique objective for its social media strategy, so outcomes will differ.
Essentially, social media success is subjective, but performance metrics can track a level of performance related to your company goals.
Here are some simple ways to track your performance:
• Mentions – track mentions for several different keywords such as your company, brand name, product or service, industry, the competition or a market term. Hootsuite analytics can track what percentage of mentions within the industry are about your brand and what percentage are about the competition.
• Engagements – these include shares, likes, and comments, and demonstrate active interest in what you’re posting. Study your engagements and learn from the varying popularity and the demographic of your audience if you are hitting your target audience.
• Growth velocity – you can also get more meaningful information by comparing a variety of metrics to those same metrics in the past. How fast are you growing? Are your numbers in every dimension increasing? Where are they stagnating, or worse, declining?
• On-site behaviour – look at your social-specific traffic within Google Analytics. How is this traffic behaving on your site, what pages are they visiting and for how long?
Don’t get hung up on a single metric. Social media marketing success cannot be defined by any one factor and the results can often be very misleading.
For instance, engagements are a very clear way to see social media popularity but what value does this have if you are failing to reach your target audience? Nevertheless, with a collection of different metrics, you can determine if your social media strategy is working or not.
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