PUBLIC relations companies like Carmel Harrison PR understand the value of a diverse portfolio and are always on the lookout for better opportunities for customers to showcase their products and services to their target audience.
Video is effective, engaging and simple to do.
We’ve spent the afternoon working with one of our customers, Wakefield Business Improvement District (BID) on a series of short videos to inform their stakeholders about their aims and actions.
So how should you shoot a business video and what should you include?
There are a few simple tips.
1.) Keep it short and simple. Viewers will watch your company video either on your website or social media. They haven’t arrived for a full length film so keep it short 90 seconds maximum.
2.) Have a very clear motive for each video. It is better to do a series of short videos rather than one long one.
3.) We’ve created a series that tackle different business groups so viewers won’t switch off on important information to them.
4.) Avoid lengthy talks to camera. Aim instead for a mix of action shots e.g. in your factory interspersed with sentences to camera.
5.) Shoot on location it gives a better atmosphere. We shot at a café bar and in a local pub
6.) Use a video microphone – it cuts out background noise
7.) Try to use a tripod – it avoids camera shake
8.) Have one or more other people involved – it gives your organisation credibility
9.) Be interviewed. Wait five seconds then repeat the question so your viewers know what you are talking about
10.) Have a change of clothing – that way you look like you’ve shot over a few days
If you would like any help planning, shooting or editing a business video then please get in touch email: or tel : 01924 831114