AN emotional response is the most important part of your content. In other words people need to feel you understand their needs and are addressing them.
Sadly many people are not getting either of those when they read an awful lot of content.
Thanks to the internet and digital economy you can buy thousands of words for next to nothing. They will be what you believe are your key phrases and will give you a positive hit in search engines.
That’s great for getting hits to your website. But look beyond the numbers and examine the time they spend on your site, which other pages they are visiting and whether or not that converts to sales then you could find you have been sold a pup.
A designer we work with recently surveyed colleagues of a customer. He showed them two pieces of content on the same subject. One was written by their MD. His target was to get his key words and phrases in the top three paragraphs as many times as possible.
The other was written by a professional wordsmith who had spent some time researching the business and developing an insight for it.
Asked which was the best they all agreed on the same piece of content and said it was so well written it must have been constructed by the MD.
Needless to say they were all wrong, the best piece of content had been written by the professional. Red faces all round but it’s a salutary lesson in investing in your business.
If you are expecting your customers to invest in you, or buy from you then you need to make sure you create that emotional connection. It doesn’t come from achieving the most keywords in a paragraph, but by writing genuinely engaging, knowledgeable content which makes the reader feel you understand their problems and have a solution.
We work with many manufacturers. Fundamentally they solve a problem for their customers and add value. We spend time getting to know their business, products, services and their USP. We also find out as much as we can about their customers and what they need from them.
If you want to make an emotional connection with your target audience and read engaging content in your own communications then get in touch.