CARMEL Harrison PR is run by former journalists. Our ethos is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.
When delivering press release seminars we always advise to write to a maximum of 300 words with a short snappy 30 word max intro and if possible everything on one A4 page.
Increasingly we are working with manufacturers keen to influence decision makers at a senior level and this is where that advice goes out of the window as should your video or vlog. Instead write long and in-depth.
Carmel Harrison PR is increasingly working on detailed, scientific based reports for C-Suite decision makers.
Senior decision makers are spending a lot of someone else’s money. They have to mitigate their own risk. Therefore, they want as much information as possible before they start to analyse your offer. And research by the Forbes Insights backs this up. A recent report on the way they find and digest important information puts lengthy reports at the top of the list with more than 30 per cent saying they rely on that method for information while only 4 per cent watch video and one per cent read blogs.
This is where the old fashioned scientific report, White Paper or even short book come into play.
If you have invested heavily in your own R&D to develop a new product that is going to deliver tangible time and money saving benefits to your customers you want to make sure you tell them all the features and benefits.
Lengthy documents such as white papers not only give them a lot of information, but are usually scientifically backed up. They enables them to make notes as they go along then refer back to important detail, analyse the information and how it could solve their problem or improve their manufacturing process and compare your product with others or what they already have. It also gives them the chance to present the relevant points to their own board.
This also resonates with what our customers are increasingly asking us for and reporting back about their own experience. Their customers like printed marketing material and plenty of it.
Regular newsletters sent by post are kept in offices, circulated round decision makers’ suites and even left in rest rooms for insight and information.
Of course, as busy manufacturers you don’t have the time to write white papers or even compose newsletters. We do, if you would like us to help you connect in a relevant way with your customers contact me