MELANIA Trump hasn’t always enjoyed positive PR. Her modelling past has been strewn over the red tops in a vile, hypocritical way and her intellectual capacity questioned unkindly, while her own husband has humiliated her, but maybe FLOTUS is getting her own back.
Recently she launched a campaign #BeBest to fight for one of the most vulnerable groups in society – children and in doing so walked into the Lion’s Den demonstrating perhaps that there is more to her than meets the eye.
The reason some elements of the media have got worked up about it is that Melania has thrown down the gauntlet to those who troll on social media and who is the guilty culprit – of course the man she may look across the breakfast table at – Donald Trump.
I have a vested interest. As a feminist and fully paid up member of the #FreeMelania campaign I want to see her freed from what seems an oppressive and restricted life in the White House. Maybe she has her own organising committee installed there already.
BeBest, while not grammatically correct does demonstrate some free thinking. Not only does it attacks a major protagonist who uses one of the three main weapons she is fighting against, Social Media. It uses a powerful weapon against him and his allies – positive PR. Who would argue against protecting children from abuse on social media. And if you won’t abuse children why use it to abuse anyone?
What I admire about this campaign and Melania is the subtle way she is publicly campaigning and getting her own back on someone who has recently publicly humiliated her by virtue of an alleged affair with an actor.
Revenge is most effective when it is positive and takes a restrained approach as #BeBest does for Melania. She will have plenty of photo opportunities as she takes her campaign around the US and the chance to be the focus of media attention when maybe her spouse would prefer the cameras to be on him!
Go Girl – #BeYourBest….

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